Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the Subject

Is it actually possible that no one has yet laid claim to CitizenBuzz? Hard to believe. There are only a handful of genuine Buzzs out there - Buzz Aldrin, Buzz Lightyear ... you get my drift.

I was asked today what project I was working on by a dear friend. I replied "I have not got a handle (name) for it yet." I must admit my experience over the last couple of decades is that the best names are emergent. To name a project before it is complete requires a rigid definition. The kind of project I usually shy away from.

And that, ironically, tells much of the backstory. While it is laced through what is now in the public domain (like Hofstadter's "golden braid") it is far too soon to choose a title. The publisher will just change it anyway. Code names are cool though. A lot like secret clubhouses where females claiming to be girls are not allowed.

Am I too old to climb that tree again and out on the limb reaching to the face of (what was his name)?

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