Monday, March 22, 2010

Fade to black ... and listen.

"Time once again to visit the Level VII identity protocol implementation. Those use to the format of this log will understand the importance of this latest update attempt.", the message clear and unambiguous. Spoken in the root language AND American English (for them). "usNPcorp index test."

When the pattern detectors were pointed at the malware results - the intent was to throw as much coherent noise at the network as possible - a useful result was expected. Serendipity, however, that it revealed enough intent in some of the spam and other output to lead to a whole new class of salient covert functionality. Finding the 'Who' behind it was only a matter of time.

The biggest issue in a nation-state's well being was the platform. Few things required anonymous authenticity at the level of the individual more. Yet the application was just the tip of the iceberg. A legendary candidate made aware of the potential by an emerging network technology.

It was a grey but warm day on a late winter day that felt more like early spring. In the same day he was witness to a seed of birth and a seed of destruction within just a two hour period. The day after can be the most important from a strategic standpoint. Debriefing would have to wait for the comprehensive assessment echoing from the target.

Everyone looked up as she said, "Now it begins, watch and listen carefully, just as we practiced."

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