Tuesday, March 16, 2010


For they are about us. All of us. At the level of the soup we share much. It is just the view from the altitude of the much maligned ego that there is so much contrast. From the photoshop of our minds we reconnect with that soup. And learn there is just enough fuel to travel anywhere we … yes, we … wish.

Ambiguity 'cause the ego needs to loosen' up a bit. A belly laugh is more difficult when one is self-absorbed. But those expressions of natural security are the most cathartic of all. Especially when a vague paranoia has been rocking one's boat.

Friendly, the wisest of all. Testing for it, an oxymoron, in my book. So some of the dances are a bit dated, expensive education, implicit entitlement, selfishness disguised as a pursuit of freedom, uniforms, crewcuts, the twist.

So who makes the new rock and roll, who synthesizes the new root musics into something that feels real good? We do, my brothers an sisters … we do.

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