Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Periscope Depth

They were a wise, eclectic, self-effacing group ostensibly organized to assist in the process of attracting internationally recognized influencers to the city. One had only to look at the track record to see that, on some notable level, the mission was being accomplished. His interest continued to be communications and what could be gleaned from one of the most ancient of intra-human methods, music. So, when the opportunity to bring it up arose, he did.

Meanwhile, the uncovering of the detail in a somewhat successful covert operation was a turbulent tune about to resolve. These two converging, what did it mean in indirect terms? The confusion over just what random meant in a revealing discussion in the group changed a sentence in his mind's eye from using that word, 'random' to 'unpredictable' and inserting the adverb, 'first'.

"… events are far less unpredictable than they first appear."

Bubbling below the surface of conscious awareness is something of great import. When a volitional effort is made to understand its contribution to stream of consciousness some interesting revelations emerge. Anger, fear and confusion feel close at times. Response to programmed triggers is often necessary. And the price is high when the programming is not sufficiently predictive. The degree to which the uncertainty can be quantified … just starting that sentence implied a highly conceptual and therefore, indirect relationship between the useful concept and an instance of its practical application.

Jumping around levels of indirection has at least one unfriendly use, obfuscation. Relying on it numbs the awareness and one's capacity to participate in a solution applicable to a larger whole. The seeds of war, understanding them is the best way to prevent the use of the "last resort."? At least that was his interpretation of the wise, ancient Chinese dissertation on the subject.

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