Monday, March 8, 2010


A tree to climb to see that river where the sun sets in summer time. Climbing to this higher place became routine and a source of pride. He had not asked why it was satisfying until that special night many decades ago. Though his chosen destination was an exalted place, it had not occurred to him that there was something beyond. And why it was very special would remain with him until now and likely far into the unbounded future.

Epiphany yet to be fully explicit or that its eternal quality was the message? It would come and go as the years passed, most times leaving another hint as to why it was worth the wait. What was worth the wait? It simply did not occur for him to ask that question until now.

"What led to this?", he asked himself. Gazing back upon what or who is seeing and how she/he/it does it. Not being able to take the hardware's longevity for granted anymore. The unfortunate aspects of considering work and play mutually exclusive. Discovering that cognition center as essential AND fraught with risk. Well the list is rather long, after all. Worth the effort to keep extending it … for a later time (but soon).

So from the first time the height was reached, the view inspired awe. And the second what new might he create from it. And thereafter, ever more explicit actions until a plateau was reached. Was it because he was near the top? Or because he had reached a roof?

If he had to commit at this moment, he would guess that what had changed was connection. That connection took decades was a testament to its magnificent complexity not its irrelevance. The net was the enabling tool, at last no longer a prisoner to isolated opinion.

Yes, the roof was a container which constrained perception of the emergent. He had peaked above that fateful night. Was he now ready to go above and stand upon it?

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