Friday, March 5, 2010

Calculated Risk

This public institution was attractive for the operation for a number of reasons. Chief among them were its historically high standing and because it was close to the nerve center, effective camouflage and geographically optimal.

The second obfuscation layer was a common illegal activity network. Suspicious matters obscured by covert operations of high interest but unrelated. Again, coherent noise.

The third layer, more innovative. High volume of everyday transactions masking net-born 'robots' that could both divert attention and provide unauthorized access to key accounts. Even proxies for them.

As a case study it could not be much better. Not knowing anything about the covert mission or its goal was the frosting, so-to-speak. If the network could learn from this instance it would not be hard to feed the net many of its type. The number of autonomous agents was close to ideal for this early test protocol step.

He looked down at the screen showing all subsystems primed and pressed Enter.

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