Sunday, March 14, 2010

Needed now. Trust me.

What a satisfying discovery. In the process of escaping the imagined horror his passioned efforts were covertly co-opted. Little did they know, how could they, his legend preceded him. That same legend that persisted his isolation and turned his creative suggestibility into his worst enemy was to visit upon him his greatest opportunity to date. He was pretty sure the last jaw had not dropped yet.

To read that Orwell classic at this point in time was yet another stroke of serendipity. She did not understand it upon her first assignment just as he had not decades ago. The implications fed not only the desire to better understand the underlying energetic cognitive flow but how to use it to plane the vehicle in ground effect.

If the new shared but implicit rules now required a mystic dance, so be it. When the juice became available to the system at the right times and places an underlying potential was as the full moon on a clear night. No longer inexplicably irritable when things were outside rigid expectation, the power of uncertainty became as friendly as just about anything he could think of.

Bumped into standby, the task of informing her of the current status of the succession plan occurred. Once again, not a coincidence that he thought of it now. All things considered emerged from the magic soup below. Reverence for it … better late than never.

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