Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lights after Dark

Obligatory social event, had to go. Something about the routine seemed important to continuity. Ask a favor. She does owe you one. Late … seems like always late.

So those really good times are when they are least expected. Could never quite get to sleep. Between suffocation, neurotransmitter issues, short temper, misunderstood and downright ugly in the mirror, a near perfect setup.

Arrival at HQ. Soul mate in tow. No cars. Did we get the wrong day? Or was the scheduled demise of civilization scheduled today and we missed the announcement? Upon arrival … humans … more than expected. The usual suspects, wrong race and wrong gender with a sprinkling of … babes!

The sun has set but the lights are on, baby. Smiles begin to pervade the room as if a puppy snuck into the room and crawled into each person's lap. More humans arrive, they too are smiling. You know something good is happening when the audience is smiling.

Finally the promised performance long after when promised to my date. What did he mean when he wrote those lyrics? Much better to hear what is carried in the instruments than the words, a sailors voice and a wandering and wise guitar player. Then, words … poetic words. A bunch of old white guys listening to poetry, beautiful.

We have to leave early, virus going round has not taken her down but might if we don't fly. Get lost listening to just the right songs on the car's juke box selected by a disk jockey extraordinaire. It takes one to know one.

Home exhausted. Stumble up to bed. Shortly thereafter the final act plays. A celebration. It is working. I am alive, really alive.

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