Monday, March 29, 2010

hypothesis bias

"This briefing is, necessarily, simplistic. It will outline our perspective of principles in our relationship going forward. As we both have recognized, our spheres of expertise share enough to justify moving expeditiously to discovering common ground …"

What they wanted to bridge has been commonly referred to as the "silos of expertise" problem. Each silo had developed its own communication paradigm to which outsiders were expected to adapt. Each exogenous interface was a low priority making a silo's cooperative ability correspondingly inept. Rapid early vertical growth left little time to even acknowledge the outside, much less collaborate with it.

Not unlike the uncalibrated ego, he thought. Diplomacy had its application here. But, where possible, team press should replace patience. The pacing item was moving much faster. The serial pattern no longer justified based on conscious specificity alone. There would be time to rest later.

"We will ratchet the Protocol Selector as you deem necessary or interrupt for interactive clarification.", he stepped back and cued her to start.

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