Wednesday, March 24, 2010


They Hyper-Vigilant Distrust pattern. Anytime he came into the room he could expect some related background activity. Many filters had been applied in an attempt to keep the alarms from overwhelming the subtle trail signals. Background processing with them off continued of course, since this was a common obfuscation tactic of the adversary.

With the 'focus' of activity shifting to the other side of the globe, adjustments were necessary in the cultural overlays of the most indirect patterns. Something very vivid of late, that a threshold had been crossed. While there was a goal and the team was near, much more was coming to light than anticipated.

The new questions took on a feel of "Friendly with don't ask, don't tell constraints". From recent experience he knew at least this much about priorities: This should be high on the list and reverse causal flow analysis should be fully engaged.

A question arose, "Why would they suddenly be so transparent? Have we stumbled on to something for which they are not prepared?"

"Another explanation is they are consumed with action on several fronts. And a combination of both is possible.", he answered.

Many now know how to do the current level of decode. The initiative to make it possible was the direct result of needing valid empirical feedback for the Disclosure Assist module. Meeting over the next several days with the appropriate real-time feeds would extend their reach. "At the right acceleration?", he wondered out loud as he looked up at the others.

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