Friday, March 26, 2010

What Can a Poor Boy Do?

The street, two views. One, of the folks who built the modern high tech version of it. The result of developing expertise in a number of complementary fields. Promoting experts. Compensating them well. Carefully considered and relying on rigid structures of usually effective hierarchy and measures of excellence. Professionals. Planning etched pretty much into stone.

The second view, by the people who live there. Really live there. Not by those privileged and exalted experts who have moved on to avenues more comfortable where one can select which people are neighbors. Vetting slow, stumbling and very revealing about potential if one knows how to look. Beneficial is measured by community not overly dependent on artifacts.

Each has its dark side as each has its light side. Can they come together? Can the human contact of the street touch the technology extended individual of the other? Is it possible for obsolete constraints to be carried gracefully away to be recycled?

"I suggest we try and here is how.", he dimmed the lights.

The presentation model seemed appropriate because it engaged the others in a way highly familiar to them all, in their own personal background and in their recent work. The overnight processing was not far from this topic though. It was not entirely clear why. In it, a game and a tool. And the realization that the specific game and the very generic tool did not, on the surface, seem at all related.

Did the readout indicate that they were adjacent? If so, why? Back to the soup below. Since its discovery, he went there often. Continuum, no ends. Just frequencies (or wavelengths) and magnitudes. From this meta-view the challenge was to associate each one with the other, simultaneously. When doing so, generating the fewest harmonics (formulas best contain few of them). Not so different to those who like soup, he thought.

The short presentation ended with the usual summary question.

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