Thursday, March 25, 2010


A curious mix of surreal and sublime routine. Beautiful but familiar. As if it was the natural order. Probably is, he reasoned. As momentum gathered, it seemed as though the tide was rising and this ship with it. Much less time consumed to incorporate insight into wider applications. Exponential as one might expect when growing in more than one dimension simultaneously.

The mystery of who she was being replaced by a mystic frontier of what they could become. Babble, what a joke. From a friend of the undertaker. He of pointy ears and rationalization. The dog knows. Distraction fails and desperation eventually follows. Stand back, a pillar to darkness is about to fall.

Watching the person looking. This is how it works for her? She has made something to draw your attention. And if you don't ignore who created it as you milk in its meaning, she will see your eyes dance and tell a story. First of what was and if the gaze is long enough what could be.

Yes, the venue, while attended infrequently over the decades was now revived. And seeing a 'performance' there less an accident but still fortuitous. The one-to-many paradigm occurred. Because variations of it was the foundation of this most primitive and sacred bonding?

The difference now? Its not to make us crazy. It is to jump the bounds of an orbit about to expire. HE could see it in HER EYES.

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