Saturday, March 6, 2010

Intentional Nuisance

Back in high school, he took band class. Sometimes the teacher would ask the snare drum players to mute their instruments when another student was soloing his brass horn to better hear. And when the instructor forgot to do that, he was particularly annoyed.

Throughout his life he was aware of the sounds that could not be described as either signal or random noise. In this category were distortion, unintended resonances and so forth. He wasn't sure if this hypersensitivity is something he learned or inherited but was fairly resigned to the idea that it was more important to him than most. Arguing for the inheritance path, these sounds had a negative emotional impact. And for the learned path, that upon discovering their source, he classified them consciously.

More recently he described to her why the sounds from the speaker downstairs created a booming sound upstairs. The corner where the speakers were was a resonant cavity at the booming frequency. This pattern resonated (pun, intended) for the project. Since by definition these noise signals were of relatively high amplitude the trick was to know when they are not part of the signal even if they are stimulated by it.
Recursive Exit

Management leverage by manipulation of coherent noise is particularly sinister. Too many rose to influence by tuning the obfuscating pattern. An asymmetric opportunity to synchronously dampen the destructive oscillations is implicit, he thought. Preparing historical examples for input to the network was the first step.

"The rough outline is ready for discussion. Sign on with the Level VII protocol".

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