Sunday, March 21, 2010


He opened again with a brief comment on the agenda, "As you all know, something very big is about to happen. We have been spending the last week preparing for it. As you report today, keep in mind the objectives, recording, managing and, if necessary, recovery. Recording makes graceful recovery possible. Should we be close to optimal we will discover much about why from the comprehensive log. The pace of change in the case of success will be unprecedented. Managing it will likely be more reactive than is the usual case. Diligence now and then will be the order of the day."

The vulnerability could be described by just a few components of the model. Bribery involves two parties directly, Briber and Bribee. A very large third party, in this case, could be described as target (or victims, if you prefer).

The exchange of value between the first two is essentially subsidized by the third in a circular accountability system relying on obfuscation. Briber is in a secret money for influence transaction with the Bribee. The Bribee, having the power previously obtained from the Target, uses the payed for influence to change the target such that the Briber is in turned payed, directly or indirectly by the Target.

The Bribery model is inherently short lived because of its inefficiency and at least one other factor especially relevant in this case. If the target becomes sufficiently autonomous and aware it will discover and use a countervailing strategy. Secrecy, obfuscation, inadequate disclosure are the mechanism on which the bribery model depends. If these are compromised, the circular flow of money is interrupted (target-Briber-Bribee, Target …).

Modern communications technology uses bio-mimicry and recording of social interaction to cost-effectively illuminate that which is heretofore been hidden.

She went first, "They either know or could assume that our best chance at success would be exactly the tack we are taking. I am suggesting that their scrambling abstract interpretation of history has been effective to the degree that we have been able to characterize less than half of its impact." Though seldom verbal, when pressed, she wasted not one word.

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