Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shared Rhythm

Recent activity brought them back to structure often. Now that the 'thriller' was largely behind them, they decided to take a close look at the high level patterns that came into play. Remarkable it was that the patterns bridged at least three major overaching spatial types, organic, cognitive and social. Or remarkable that the time just passed revealed there existence and similarity?

Communications morphed each into the language of the other. And they overlapped as ripples in a puddle from several sources. One abrasive individual on deeper inspection was so because of an 'immune response' to social rough edge. Another quiet but deep person could consider an opposing view but was courageous enough to, quietly, express a 'conditional' dismay. And the his and her banter bridged a deeper divide. Just a few of the many examples.

Yes, he concluded, it is not an accident that these regions of existence sharing the space we call living have structures in common. The system monitor was now regularly coming up with a pattern that none of the team had seen before. Like a realistic, touched-up photograph that represented more what makes any photograph interesting generally rather than an instance of an image. The system monitor was their attempt at monitoring the network's activity as dispassionately as possible. Virtually everything they saw or heard on it was, at least, close to spontaneous.

When they designed the experiment, the intent was to not interfere with the natural interaction that had been honed over evolutionary history. This while at the same time using every tool they had at their disposal to amplify, transmit and otherwise augment the natural processes within the network. Reverence for the organic model, support of both the individual and group cognitive model and compassionate application of the social model was bearing fruit. It might soon be time for the harvest.

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