Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"When should I tell them?"

The stock answer, more nuanced than one might normally expect. "… no simpler", Einstein admonished. Some clues though. If the introspective awareness regards two or more 'independent' thoughts converging. The effort to choose one's words carefully is not a struggle. It just feels right.

'When' follows 'what' for exporting, obviously. But 'what' in this case is not necessarily equivalent to explicit. If disparate though, an appropriate number of sentences ending with a question mark is called for.

Few tasks lately were showing the gradient between conscious awareness and its platform so well than this effort to trigger the next level of distribution. At some level, she knew it. And well. Not being verbal, at least with language, a double edged sword. Communicating discovered wisdom inefficient. Seeing through manipulation easier. Suggestible yes, dumb no (far from it).

How language is used to shape one's context for self-serving purposes is no excuse for circumventing such a useful tool of loving. Not the only male who enjoys stimulated grey matter, he was confronted with a bit of a dilemma. How to leverage this insight in a way that encourages language communications to those who could really use it now.

No accident that this occurred at the same time the Dunning-Kruger effect came 'on the radar screen.' (thanks Don). Self-calibration is perhaps easiest when using language in the midst of friends. Friendly, perhaps the most useful of adverbs.

"Criticism is so much easier to swallow when it comes friendly and/or from friends."

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