Friday, March 19, 2010

Feel Its Rhythm

How is it possible that predatory mechanisms had become so prevalent? With the advent of the missing primitives, this question had recently become empirically answerable. That is not to say that the network could be expected to answer in a way that would be immediately useful. Instead, a level of confidence that the result would ask a finite number of questions in pursuit of a useful answer was, at least, probable.

Discovering the link between raw material processing, reasonable optimism and nutrient distribution was not entirely a surprise. Recorded behavior of the system had shown how each of these subsystems underperformed and called into question the system's viability. Like a cardiomyocyte able to promote its type even when the mechanism of which it was a part began failing ...

Even today, there was a tendency to expect the undesirable but also unlikely. The nocturnal batch processing was visible now. One could argue that it was visible before the tools became available but it was moot because the meaning was either obscured or misleading. Further the tools could be used on archived data, once the formatting was decoded successfully.

No ends, no end effects. All is vibration and circular. Harmonic projections create experience. On the left and down in sharp contrast with on the right and up. Yet spatially smooth.

Who is the enemy? Does there have to be one? Does expecting one cause it to manifest? Who is the Savior? Does there have to be one? Does expecting …

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