Saturday, March 6, 2010


"Be specific", was the reply. In a stern tone whose intent was quite transparent.

He had seen this pattern identified by the system many times as the research started to close in on the fiercely protected. When calm, nearly any person reasonably conversant with the topic at hand could recognize what was at play. Angry refutation as a diversionary tactic was far easier when the questions were forced closer to a specific case. Simply resisting the effort was to miss an opportunity?

Beneficiaries of this social phenomena had a wide range of motives for denying a link consciously or unconsciously. The map scaled well too. From a person-to-person exchange to nation-to-nation. Perhaps beyond.

Those who seek the 'observer' from a variety of disciplines could see the immediate context had much to reveal regarding opportunity. A quick defensive response invariably had a rich history as it was refined from repeated experience until it came to rest upon the triggering topic and sprung into action.

A vivid generic awareness could record the echoes reverberating from the context, the persistence to be analyzed at the appropriate future date. The persistence meta-pattern highly efficacious for differentiating these dialogic edges.

He imagined the facial signatures of those individuals that, for one reason or another, had developed this skill into high art. "Are we getting close to a time when the evolving model compared to the single mind would prove useful?", he asked himself.

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