Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time Has Come

He arrived at the hangout just in time. Even though there was plenty to support time shifting, live-interactive was still best for the types of issues on today's agenda. Across an ocean and many time zones away context translated well on challenges such as these.

He thought back to a time when this capability was in its infancy. Back then the things that are taken for granted today were impeded as much by rigid thinking regarding monetization as technology constraints. Ironic that today they were using the very inexpensive LED lighting that cost-effectively improved the friendly visual rapport. The audio coherence mask reduced the background noise so that impromptu gatherings could be an effective node in a live conference network. These simple and very inexpensive technologies made the very concept of these live global gatherings more accessible to those who could not wait for a capitalization plan.

The first face he noticed on the screen was hers. She was whispering in the ear of the person he assumed was the one he was to virtually meet. He raised his hand to signal the counter for his obligatory cup of coffee, sat down and id'd himself to his iPad. Those who had arrived before him were confirmed on the status bar.

"Good morning", she said as the sunset light was just distinguishable behind her. "I would like for those of you back in the states to meet the author of last night's breakthrough."

She introduced him and described the significance of his accomplishment. At this point in time this advance promised to break a major logjam that had plagued the project for well over a year. They had been asking themselves whether they were stuck because this was new territory or that there was a competing interest that would benefit from them taking much more time in pursuit of their goal. And as was discovered just a few days ago, it was an interesting mix of both.

That third eye, a highly ubiquitous pattern, was at the heart of his presentation. This time with a very interesting twist ...

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