Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Mole

Engagement without enmeshment? How better to title it? In the field and not among its natives may be in some ways more secure when one has dominant conventional capability on the edge of town. But a sensible mission need be conducted in the midst of the 'normal' constituents of the field? Generic capability no matter how far developed is at a distinct disadvantage if it projects upon rather than is co-resident.

She was on the inside of inside, so-to-speak. A double agent in spy jargon. Her background taught through example how to achieve objectives but not how to design them. Not having ownership of the mission design while virtually living the mission with all its intricate deception had a price. True even for a person obsessed with keeping physically fit.

The missing element then was a natural integration of the why with the execution. Manifestations of difficult adaptation took on a number of forms. The cultural was well documented. But cultural awareness is masked after time? The questions rather than answers set up an enhanced sensitivity to just what it meant to deal with another culture.

He had been joking earlier with dear friends about the 'raptors in our society and realized now the adjacent significance to the task at hand. Predators are useful to themselves and others in that they tend to feed on consumption of the threatening. But when the threat is no longer there? What happens then?

Disarming the robotic predators. These algorithms and the hardware to support and respond to them went way back in technological terms. Back even to a time when there was not a convenient means to record the why behind the routine. Sunsets in this world happened when something crashed rather than at some prescribed interval or a predicted event.

Only her recurring symptoms caught her conscious awareness. If its a performing whale and the symptoms caused the loss of a revered species life, what to do? If that dog, trained to automatically respond to a perceived threat, kills not the enemy but the person she/he was supposed to protect, put IT down.

At the heart of this passage was a considerable insight into the consequences of compiling with just an upper layer of invariant abstraction. Making, albeit indirectly, life and death decisions. And all the while, the unexpected gender …

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