Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So good to have her back. Knowing that this was the time of change only made it a little easier. Something felt very wrong about what was happening before. Not just that it was not expected but something outside the envelope of probable. In fact, an outlier.

The exercise of structured reforming of experiences for re-use built up something akin to faith. The key step occurred when the application of the methodology crystalized into a memorable vision of resolution. This in turn scored the pattern such that it persisted accordingly.

To see the depth of her creativity and awareness return reinforced that inexplicably secure feeling that this is as it should be. Which handles made the notes? He started through the list: risk, initiative, connection, courage … The meaning of yesterday's decoded pattern? Still a question for some future date. He tagged the log with a unique anonymous code.

"One wonders how they know.", he expressed sincerely not expecting a reply.

"Its enough that we know they do.", she answered anyway.

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