Thursday, March 4, 2010


Suggestible yes, stupid no. It is one thing when others need to be shown. Another entirely when one is best served by understanding it about oneself. Can open people lead? Yes, openness is remarkably efficient when optimizing a team for a task. But self-calibration is a highly desirable prerequisite.

'Focus', who decides?

Each time one transmits in a communications transaction they take some leadership responsibility, however minute. Even accepting such a transaction is an act of leadership, "I choose to accept the invitation to interact". Leading blindly makes no sense. It simply is not reliably conducive to an attractive outcome.

Leadership should not be confused with control. For purposes of this discussion, control is a subset of leadership.

These declarations did not seem particularly revolutionary taken separately. A little more so when considered in certain opportune moments. Clear now that it was pivotal to the task at hand. This was not just a collection of useful ideas. And more than just an ordered or hierarchical set. Adaptible pattern sequencer …

To soon to name it? Yes. But not to soon to contemplate.

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