Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Accidental Sage

In answer to the question, he stated, "If anything is said in the name of spirit that cannot be argued cogently from a secular point of view, it is more about the ego of the speaker than it is about spirit."

This point of view was more in response to anti-spiritual zealots than anything else but served to illustrate a salient point. Just because our hearts are fragile and prone to failure, we should not assume that their function is not worth keeping around.

Stereotyping is a natural function of a human's abstraction engine. We call it ego and it sure can get us into a lot of trouble. Ironic that it is an arrogant action of the ego that we imagine being able to dispense with it altogether.

Security, privacy, liberty … well and good but too often knee jerk reactions of the ego to the foibles of same. Self-aware and self-obsessed, not as easy to differentiate as one would normally think. Requires volitional effort. He knew this pattern was another good candidate, a real opportunity.

He used the network earlier in the afternoon to test the velocity of propagation on tracers and how they are affected by a class of filters in common use. What might the protocol look like for testing the high abstractions of a personal nature? The person who asked the question that started this line of inquiry … likely to be a source of more of that kind. He smiled in appreciation.

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