Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inductive Recursion

It was nice to reduce it to just two words. The variety of reactions to the stumbling never-the-same descriptions was becoming something of an embarrassment. The new candidate made it a lot easier for him to just blurt it out. Nice.

Two events, just today supporting the Inclusionary Security model. Coffee with one, online news for the other. Inflammatory headlines the order of the day to keep stoking the fires of scrutiny diversion did not hide the subtle, though many would have thought it might.

"It is a story, sliding from fiction into fact over time.", he explained. And now as he recorded the high level structure on which to build the new wisdom he listened carefully.

Happiness is the awareness that there is nearly an unlimited capacity to give. Take it on secular faith that all that is necessary to help bring it to fruition is at one's disposal. Displeasure as guide posts to avoid less than optimal paths rather than something far less productive.

All three share a space and a frame of mind from time to time. Each of a unique ego type (duh). In that unstructured environment needing exceptional tolerance to circumvent that ever present human trait - "if I don't understand, someone is to blame".

Nice if it could be reduced to something as 'elegant' as mathematics. Even the best of mathematicians knew that it was simply not enough to seek safety from life in something that could be proved. And history, long history had the same limitation. That one's smile was a flag that his … frustration … was being transformed. And the third? Well let's find out, shall we?

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