Monday, April 19, 2010


Asked for a short synopsis, she said "They look perfect to lure prey."

Felt but not encoded for distribution, yet it was and is the very essence of the entire project. To feel the significance of the visceral attractive qualities and simultaneously remain vigilant, like the peace-loving deer whose defense is to run. For danger may lurk.

It is one thing to build legend and popular myth, a not insignificant accomplishment. The next level though, is to build a reliable and self-sustaining framework pattern. That incorporates high-reliability recognition and an accurate rapid response.

In one context: Fear of deception because the price is so much higher for one gender as opposed to the other. Yet it must not interfere with procreation.

In a larger context: Organic propagation. Some but not all of the same principles. Not the large security disparity, for example. Illuminate the connections and landing sites for bridges on the other side (the darker end). Do it with story rich with familiar characters.

Echoes determine the value of certain connections and determine their fate. Like the modulation and filtering of light can reinforce a connection that it may grow rather than die.

Like the old dogs ears, the instrument may have faded but wisdom compensated … and much more.

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