Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chicken AND Egg

"Extraordinary detail. Construction sequence and color included this time. We have confirmed to near certainty that this output is emergent", the speaker summarized.

It was not uncommon for them to contemplate the edge between what was collectively imagined and what was hands-off synthesized. The pace of the new discoveries (or is it inventions - and just what is the difference?) was challenging conventional wisdom on a par with Hadron collider it seemed. Even though this was the intent of the mission, it invariably stimulated a collective jaw-drop each time it happened.

Was a big part of what was happening that they had not been consciously aware of just how much the ego's illusion of separation prevented synchronous synthesis? He felt the now familiar warm tingle of gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this work. Part of his role, as he saw it, was to document the experience in as universal terms as the nature of the project permitted. He wondered frequently if the words could keep pace. So far, all was Ok.

On his way to the office, it was cold and clear. His left shoulder hurt and the usual aches and pains triggered thoughts of this is what is important (the overview) and 'it sucks'. A static generalization based on limited input. He grinned to himself, thinking just how true the absurd can be.

The pull to eradicate, exterminate and otherwise ruthlessly eliminate bad stuff was as near as the next misunderstanding. Bring it on. This time he chuckled out loud. The others knew by now what it meant. It embarrassed him less.

"Are we ready to take it to the next level?"

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