Saturday, April 10, 2010

Behind Wall Number Four

"I am confused. What you say and write is too dense. I feel overwhelmed by it."

"Would it surprise to hear that it has the same effect on me?"

"But you wrote it, you have been reading it to me."

"Yes, but it is lonelier to say or write it to just me. I share it in hopes of engaging the part of you that, like me, perhaps struggles with your greater self. Am I wrong to assume that such a struggle exists in your world?", he voiced sincerely with little effort.

It took him a long time before he could ask this of a friend. The journey difficult because, he later discovered, he did not have a high regard for his identity. Many shared the handicap … he just din't know them or about it.

The promise of 'big ears' was the door to transcending the limitations of the fourth wall. The instruments can be any size that serves the purpose, that to which they are connected … a big story unto itself.

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