Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breakdown Fix

These interactions took on an entirely new life when the machine mediated. Though that was clearly the early intent he, and to his knowledge, the others were simply blown away at the difference it made in just 6 months.

What happened today served to solidify the conclusion that something very tangible was happening. The control and test groups were chosen because of the qualitative interface rather than the quantitative to support the new paradigm. The new ability to pull signals out of the noise, even decoy noise, meant that efforts at cognitive bio-mimicry were very promising.

Synchronizing serial and parallel biased sub-systems a la. the corpus callosum, the high value traffic bridge in this case. It was and is relatively easy to see why just tossing them in the blender would be to regress. Having a sufficient reverence for the structure and dynamic to bridge them could be best gleaned from observing nature's related inventions.

Of the several critical dimensions, level of abstraction (heirachical context) seemed to be the most important at the time of the debrief. Data compression to support this function is often critical to its success. The trick is not to inadvertently throw away something of value to its use in the context. That seemed to be exactly what was in play here.

He was not certain though. The machine's recent measured average latency for this kind of issue was 48 to 72 hours. Two responses that arrived just today confirmed this. One a machine mediated reply from a very large, cutting-edge organic entitity and another to the system pattern monitor showing intended wavelet synchronization occurred.

"You were right, it worked. See?"

She was out of breath from her run and just nodded her head in acknowledgement.

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