Monday, April 26, 2010

Crypto-analytic Factor

Beware, some suspicious activity relating to has been logged. Because of an embarrassingly careless registration process, the author is not in current control of the site. Further, certain key elements that could be co-opted for a competing agenda will need upgraded protection (and careful monitoring in the meantime). To the author's knowledge, so far, the damage is only a nuisance. As of this time, it is not clear how to extricate the mission of this blog (and its sister BuzzerLog) from future exposure to parties opposed to the mission specifically or to freedom more generally. This also applies to just about anything in between.

What is known so far: at least two parties known for nefarious internet behavior have their metaphorical fingerprints on the evidence gathered to date. Rest assured that deeply resourceful individuals and entities have an acute interest in what is going on. The process of fully engaging them has been initiated.

I think it fair to say that the silver-lining to this recent development is that an application of the Inclusion Security model (as disclosed earlier) is being robustly tested as I write this. Recall that its basic premise is that the best security is derived through friends (rather than isolation, weapons, gates etc.)

With a little luck and diligence we will learn, hopefully, as fast as our friends at Google, Facebook, Apple and Thank you for your support. Look for ongoing updates here.

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