Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's move on.

"In conclusion, while there does not seem to be an easy single solution to associating a projected identity to its center, the value of such an association is pivotal. For purposes of parallel development of the system proposed we will use a proxy that embodies a better mix of the desired properties than has been available for wide use to date."

He was relieved to hear this. Two issues, illusion of separation and irrational emphasis, had constrained the application potential of a system based on this primal property for too long.

One member of the team, inclined to more formality than was his bias, made an indirect comment on this piece of the mission. He had learned that his first reaction to this Newtonian certainty (his term) was not to be trusted fully.

Nevertheless, his entrepreneurial background gave rise to the consideration of fiction/non-fiction, hypothesis/proof etc. A pro-forma plan is a work of fiction on some level, by definition. The best plans are 'reasonable' with regard to cause and effect. The most important assumptions, however, are essentially unreasonable. Why? Because if they were not someone else would have already harvested the opportunity.

The nature of high level systems is their resistance to formal proof. When it comes to communications, the most natural are far from formally explicit. Formality greatly constrains the data to be considered or expands the requirements of the communications modality.

The bridge that spans natural and formal is anything but trivial. History has shown, such connection is truly of value and therefore worth the considerable effort.

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  1. Reality Continuum. Especially as a function of time.