Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good to see the guy who might save him from one of the most scary government outfits of all time. Tall guy. Big sincere smile. No arms to brandish to keep those sinister folk at bay. His type of sentient being, to be sure.

And before he knew it, he was back to just what it was that might put him in the class of Willie of Sprecklesville, at least on a small scale. Delaware, the white guy known for a heart of gold and gaffes with a babe for a wife. A number of reasons he might be smiling. Has a cool boss. Comes from an outstanding state that actually gets it with respect to compassionate liberty.

Meanwhile, the old guy who remembers the time when the aural medium was so influential and not much else has been on to something. Good time to revive it.

God bless the America that loves humans and lets -- no encourages -- some to find the best and put it to work on behalf of the rest.

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