Sunday, April 25, 2010


A time to reflect on his origins related to the mission. His gratitude for the opportunity to participate had come into sharp focus since linking through the machine. This silent period could only support introspection and, as a result, produced insights of a remarkable nature. The images were likely to be much clearer this time.

Serendipitous that health issues (both perceptive and physical) converged with economic decline to create a climate conducive to subtle confidence. As if to say, "lose these intoxicants at least long enough to realize bliss is natural."

Escaping from a beautiful home to 'resorts' to feel alone in the presence of his most intimate partner and waste a universal symbol of well being so as to render it inconsequential. "If I can just be secure from an uncertain future, then I can be content.". To think that there was a time when such things made sense. He shook his head.

A seemingly short time left to make something truly valuable for the survivors. Hurry. Well, no. That had been tried with dismal results. Well surely desperation, no pain - no gain. Not really, a near mindless emotion with a staggering wake of grief. Ah then ritual, participants won't be arguing with each other if they are doing something together. I don't think so, we already breath the same air together what more ritual do we need?

"And just who is we? For that matter who am I?" Owner, boss, citizen of a lucky nation. No, something much more. There is no answer expressible in a word, sentence, paragraph, book, … Knowing this produced the serenity that could not have been bought or controlled. And, frankly, he was hard pressed to know how he could see this until the noise of his ego was nearly starved and suffocated into submission.

The man was young enough to be his son. A dreamer with a practical bent. Dependent on a bridge into the mist leading to a place he knew not where. This man was someone he could relate to more than most and a dear friend. His mind's eye flipped through the album of those initial years recalling the significant milestones of discovery ...

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