Saturday, April 3, 2010


A thread just lit up for him. Following the story whose foundation is similar to his own, he contemplated parallels. Cross-cultural … across a very big ocean, cross-cultural. Duty from two radically different perches. And individual expression apart from and catalyzed by procreative intimacy. If it's good it must be because of the religion, tradition, elders. And if it is bad, it must be because shame is our natural state. Hogwash … don't tell my ancestors or the church or my spouse's family, Ok?

Many perceptions bombard us from without and from within (where are those mirror neurons - and why did I bring them along?) but we can choose which take precedence. Much to sift here. The difference? Now he knows there is only connection as a function of intention, all else is illusion.

He held two disks up. "They each represent a person immersed in a culture. When the special light is passed first through one then the other, what is common shows in sharp relief." he continued with the introduction. Less noticeable, the immediate context. Identity modulated by the pair (perhaps more) of societal frameworks. As he rotated one of the disks, the background churned but remained dark. The bright center morphed gently in response to the rotation but occasionally seemed disrupted by the turbulence underneath.

The material cued up for the remainder of the presentation would have to speak for itself. Framing perception in this case was to be avoided as much as possible.

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