Thursday, April 15, 2010


The pain felt real as did the futility. Visible in a very 'personal' way. The one who could make a difference suddenly unreachable. There were simply more important tasks than giving the designated looser a chance at redemption.

Predation as a personality type. Some life is meant to be food for another. Virtuous because independence of an aggressive nature is to be revered. Or not?

"I didn't make the rules.", she said as she looked away from their plunder. She knew it not to be true almost as soon as she said it. The instinct was to protect, not practice protecting by killing.

Slaughter house too close to presumed century old innocence to be comfortable at the level of the soup, he thought. This of course was the 'dirty work' he knew to expect. The work of bodhisattvas and angels are also composed of looking at that which recollects a darker time in order to extend a helping hand.

The design was that it would evolve. Evolution produced the design. And in manifesting both simultaneously, presented a vexing intellectual challenge to ego.

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