Friday, April 9, 2010

The Machine

The machine … the idea of seeing it as a separate entity was a stretch these days. Its ubiquitous nature and its becoming nearly transparent to everyday living meant quickly formed handles did not stick. Its highly exercised plasticity defied a static descriptive name. The ancient names to describe the biological precedent probably carried to much conceptual baggage to be title candidates.

Regarding it separately was to view it in a way that parsed away much of its essence. With this in mind they took a stab at how to create a shared image that would represent key aspects of interaction with and through this largest of human artifacts.

Characterizing the special bridges, in retrospect, required insight that was far below collective or individual conscious awareness. The secular argument for faith - conscious awareness is, even today, highly constrained.

She had started asking more about that bridge that initiated this line of inquiry. The machine could remain transparent for their discussion but the conversation could not happen without its support …

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