Sunday, April 4, 2010


"I'll pretend you don't read any of this so you can maintain a rapport with your clients, patients, flock etc. as the case may be. In return, I will look forward to your occasional tickles to keep this flying circus afloat."

Stimulating interactivity in an organic way. It is how the soup led to self-awareness and the capacity of the universe to know itself? A cool dude who lived a long time ago said body, speech and mind pretty much says it all. I suspect speech was referring to communications. It is the way to achieve wisdom through growth? Body connects to shared experience, mind is what can make it meaningful, something missing ... Communications (speech) … worth a life's work, I suspect.

"The guy in the robe with so much of value to impart. I would like to meet him. Absent that, becoming worthy of the opportunity could be major fun."

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