Friday, April 23, 2010

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"Recall that the design called for protection that makes it only marginally easier for us to access the target rather than an intruder. With the detection perimeter constantly monitoring the immediate area and dynamically morphing its methodology, most if not virtually all known methods of unauthorized access will be thwarted. What authorizes us is anonymous consensus and the multi-level indirection key. The latter is not known to any single individual but its components reside in a recoverable domain. This robust cloak gives us a limited time window. Our estimate tonight is that we will have just a few seconds more than five minutes to access the pilot.", he concluded his recitation of the preparatory statement.

"On my signal, we will go dark to the outside and proceed to the port.", she looked at the current time and marked it.

Early in the project it was clear that sophisticated structural noise, the result of persistent design by highly competent individuals was essentially a given, "Because its there." The primary mission was to isolate the pilot from both adversarial and friendly analysis for a period of time. The secondary mission was to monitor access attempts over that time while gradually 'leaking' the perimeter's design secrets. This time, they were no longer blind to the leaders' agendas on the other side.

The drill began. The five member team, one by one, boarded the tram in near darkness. Only the faint glow of LEDs to guide their way. Once on board, she gave the signal. The eery silence was metaphorically deafening.

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