Monday, April 12, 2010

Who'da Thunk?

The prediction daemon was launched sometime last winter without much fanfare. It was assumed that since the acquisition feeder was not supplying data fast enough to trust the results (insufficient sample size) that the only monitoring was to observe aspects of its functioning.

Now the data was growing exponentially. It simply did not occur to anyone on the team to revisit the predictor's output until last night. Though its design pattern was not particularly complex it is difficult to 'grok' because its generic application required so many levels of indirection.

The intelligent mirror, by modulating identity fields, will be pressed into service on this aspect of the development as soon as the necessary preparation could be completed. She had the insight but lacked the relevant experience. He was old and detailed insight had been pruned away (or worse). But his experience was his strong suit.

This morning his charge was to discover the palette for their collaborative art with her. Discovering the overlap of their primary paradigms ...

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