Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Naming follows function. Function is emergent. Emergent cannot be precisely explicit a priori. Yet, there are patterns that increase the probability of prediction by constraining plausible outcomes.

The sequence was difficult to encode with the library as it was then. As is often the case, many of the machine's state-changers required a specificity that would render their generic application a no-op.

The stumbling block? One is hard pressed to define anything usefully by mostly describing what it is not. This seeming paradox and the resultant vulnerability was the front the competition chose for their assault.

The saving grace, so-to-speak, was the implicit part of their community - the nameless connections that are mostly felt, of necessity. Once put to use, they are often successfully named and then the considerable resources needed to do so are released for future growth.

"Yes, that is close to why and how it works.", she explained. "But, as you can see, merely communicating it in a formal way compromises its efficacy."

"I am beginning to see."

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