Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Alike

If this three decades and some old design pattern would work, a major milestone had been reached. At least theoretically. Modeling its extended version might be more conspicuous than would be prudent? Robust nature of off-the-shelf encryption might provide just enough cover though. If so, it fit with the public-by-default theme.

The transition from the broadcast to interactive paradigms yielded a treasure trove of communications design primitives. He looked up at the clock to verify the time coincided with usual visualization feed peak.

The confluence of recent high level external events and the 'soup' monitor would be the likely cause of the vigorous activity he was seeing. He prepared several tracers and ran them through the usual verifications.

Making contact with her now appropriate?, he asked himself. Yes, time was becoming short. She was a reasonable tracer proxy. By prior arrangement, most of the people in the network had developed a robust unspoken protocol. It was opportune timing that she start coming up to the speed of the others.

Projected identity … a pretty rough term. But as an introduction, it fit well with how most perceived the problem. Some disclosure of the hardware, especially optics could begin. He typed "One-to-one magnification."

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