Thursday, April 8, 2010

Art Direction Legend To Be

Leadership rules. Charisma helps … sometimes. Skill helps … sometimes. But communications … nearly always.

A descriptive name (title, handle etc.), he guessed, might help bridge the creative impediment with her. He blurted it out, coming from the heart, and knew almost immediately it was serendipity borne of seeds planted and soil cultivated.

Know thyself fused with we as one. Heady stuff. Art Director as code name, caption, function ... Once again, gratitude appropriate.

Looking the legendary spiritual leader in the eye and hearing the famous laughter was confirmation … this pattern is a keeper. He of heavy metal fame, few knew then what we know now, one of the great voices of music. And his early demise served to punctuate what it means to be a timeless songwriter. Three of a kind, I suspect.

It is, after all, a Simple Song of Freedom (Bobby Darin).

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