Sunday, April 18, 2010


Imagine a tortoise doing yoga poses. Ok, non-sequitor. How about an animal that appears very patient learning how to deeply relax using breathing exercises? Perhaps that animal traditionally has a hard shell but has a soft heart? How about hairy, with hidden eyes and an extraordinary listener?

Yesterday a day of input about input, he observed. Seeming serendipity it was that way, at least to him. The female view, the more he discovered the more the handle BecauseTheNameIsTaken made a new kind of sense. Roots from long ago, he was not aware of what the language had available to describe it in high level and/or abstract terms.

Key advisor, to him more than her? Sentinels with patience and rapt interest. Nuturence, in non-verbal terms. Therauputic, undervalued except in cultures well calibrated on the hazards of ego. Don't tread on me answer - don't tread on us.

'Plutocrats', is that a dog species? Bred and trained to wear uniforms, find bad humans and bad dogs. Intimidate them. And do it all on camera. Plutocravision, a cable broadcast channel …

Sweethearts are but volunteers to be kept idle, too young or too old to be aggressive enough except on parade day. You know, the day we pretend everybody counts. Easy to slip into irony, even sarcasm when life seems so upside-down from time to time.

But the input about input day. It turned the turtle right side up and she relaxed as if all was well (I have never seen that kind of animal do it so well!) She obviously knew that all was as it should be and to be truly happy about it. If you are patient and listen you will go there too. Trust us.

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