Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Listen, and you shall here.

A song for academia: School like song is for everyone. Give us a voice and we will help you compose the song of our coming together. The future is in all our hands. The best teachers like the best singer/songwriters have an extraordinary capacity to listen. And neither is to proud to use the best technology available to help make it happen. Sharing content is the best way to leverage innate creativity. Technology, used correctly, can help make that happen.

Give voice to kids on their terms and your listening becomes dramatically better. It is remarkable when someone like 13 year old, Adora Svitak can get a standing ovation at a TED presentation. How can we help her bring along others of her age, the ones who are not child prodigies? Less catering to the ego of the adult experts and more extending a hand to other kids. It is a given that we have something to tell them. When we are grown up enough to listen with all are heart (and perhaps the help of technology) we ALL will be better … much better.

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