Sunday, April 11, 2010


So if we come out the same way we go in, the single door works. The mission is so brief that distinguishing coming and going on the basis of time is not practical. Volumetric baffling, if I may call it that, is the solution. After all we are dealing with wavefronts. The very object whose component we wish to 'see' can be best seen itself by a like object. The trick is illumination and 'bafflng' is an elegant solution.

Not so obvious is that illumination and detection alone do not produce a sufficiently robust result. The key complementary functions relate to motion and interactivity.

A theory of beauty goes something like this. Beauty is the result of elegant abstraction of something appealing on a grand scale. Indentities of a certain class can be said to be beautiful in this way.

Mulling the implicit rationale for their design had become a regular exercise of late. He suspected it was driven by how often one side of bridge was a beautiful reflection of the other.

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