Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Bridge & Troubled Waters

Yet another scathing attack of business interests in general for their regarding creativity as a nuisance. This time on what has happened to the recording industry. Yes, it happens often. But some entrepreneurial efforts and some very visible large organizations are remarkable for their positive impact on artists and creatives. The history of the clashes of this type shows this is not uncommon and has been recurring theme over a very long period of time.

But there are those studies that suggest creativity is as common as humans. That it is at the heart of the species. He knew that if he were to sit in judgement and suffer the attendant consequences he would likely have fallen to emphasizing creativity over cooperation - a common error.

Finding the tenuous balance between efficiency and self-expression is an ongoing labor of love that all to often goes down, in flames, to self-deceived egos. Trust me, I am an expert and a professional. You need not worry that I will do the right thing, I have the credentials. Don't pick at those inconsequential details. I have earned the right to be eccentric. Why don't you appreciate me more?

Or, the growth of this organization as measured by the the most successful progressive methodology known to earth's inhabitants has been built on suppressing the independent instincts of unwashed masses …

The conflict is centuries old, seeking a winner anytime soon is probably futile. If the conflict becomes a cooperative competition using the best artifacts at our disposal … yes that seems promising. Prediction through empirical testing may well be the answer to destructive ego's wasting precious resources. We will see it coming.

Of course, much of this is speculation, he thought. But highly informed speculation, in this case. The decode is entering its sixth month and it is still not clear how much more there is to do. Yet, the results so far were, in a word, breathtaking.

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