Friday, April 23, 2010

Which Beginning?

Funny sometimes what we remember. It was a heady time for a kid in his early '20s. A generation found voice in a re-invented medium. Art with a very visible unified purpose as an ancient savage ritual was replaying on a stage visible to a war weary world.

The distribution mechanism was aural and of the one-to-many type. With a diminished but nevertheless pivotal roll for imagination. Building a platform that nearly reaches but does not touch conscious awareness a very effective means of eliciting the feeling of ownership and thereby forming community. Applied now for a legacy mission that, thankfully, preceded, those developed for a war machine.

Only recently did they discover the utter foolishness of beginning with what on first look appeared to be valid primitives. Morphing a non-sequitur framework in hopes of achieving a fundamental breakthrough?

So is it any surprise that the initial conditions have so much meaning in 'chaotic' phenomena? End effects have a set of patterns that seemingly emerged with consciousness. But together we need not be constrained by something invented for our understanding?

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