Saturday, April 17, 2010


"Am I wrong that the co-learning opportunities could be spectacular?"

Well yes, they would so you are not wrong at all, he agreed. They discovered together a way to characterize the impending demise of one organization and the concurrent assent of another in just a few carefully chosen words. Posed as the usual question the word permutation, "Who listens best?"

Several query categories commonly used provided the conceptual framework. Visually in several different forms depending on the perspective as, again, described from the same framework. A pattern composed of recursion, modulated dimensions and pointers to abstracted detail among other things?

Natural language but not universal. A double-edged sword. Tool of deception and diversity, as an example. Ego driven error in the first, implications for synergy in the second. The visible links seemingly boundless, implying a hierarchical center.

The breakthrough on the two near the end of the checklist, why and how, lead to the hidden 'groove'. Now knowing they exist (yes, more than one discovered) was about to change the nature of the tracers. She showed him in no uncertain terms from her perch the images. Only a trust offered but not fully realized kept him from seeing what she did. Another bridge, just in time.

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