Monday, April 5, 2010

Speech (3rd of 3)

BEWARE: When first appearing, it is just that … the beginning.

The species in question is subject to a self-destructive cycle, it seems. If individuality is preeminent it may follow that isolation is a hazard. And experience encoded and/or remembered subject to the legendary free-will that is at once the nemesis and the reason for being.

Aggression of an organized class under the leadership of a too quickly synthesized vision finds power. And easily becomes drunk with it. Perhaps the inebriate has a positive role but it probably is not in rewarding resource wasting command and control.

A corollary to the quest for creativity, on the street. Maria thought so. She is credible. What besides pretense need be shed for an Oxford of the street, of the ghetto, of the refugee camp? The theory that mind is connection bodes well for artifacts that connect motivated humans.

Who should decide what form the connections should take? Makes sense that all the parties to be connected contribute to those connections. What does out of control mean? Yielding to outside influences not conducive to one's well being. Nicotine is a less controversial example than academic authority.

Can one teach if one cannot adequately listen? Deciding what is adequate in this context is best a shared responsibility. A bridge accommodates both shores.

A word about plagiarism. Who decides? I suspect there is a high correlation between the veracity of the answer and the time it takes to form it …

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