Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Short Handed

Fragile health was a handicap they needed to deal with from inception. The term fragile was vague in this case, to put it mildly. The lesson to them from the experience, attention to the connections that related to adaptability more than made up for the risk.

With him out of the picture, the crew would rely more on procedure support rather than explicit delegation. It was the nature of the mission that contingencies could not be anticipated (like other rapidly evolving tasks). The extra layer of indirection was required because their activities happened in parallel and certain necessary interaction between them largely emergent.

The long awaited flood of trusting candor was now bearing fruit. Unexpected emergencies were turned into practice drills with highly probable positive outcomes. And the monitor log was recording not only the raw sensor data but the real-time inductive speculation.

For purposes of realistic simulation, his interaction would be responsive but he would not initiate in the normal way. He gazed at the monitor looking for clues from the unnamed pattern visualizer.

"Something unique … no doubt.", he concluded as she joined him in the control room.

"Our field operations person is suggesting we be more explicit. What do you think?"

"Your call, of course. It is not the first time."

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