Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day at the Office

"Storyboard nearly ready, I would say.", he told the man who would make visual the decode to this point.

They were clearly beyond speculation and ready to try their collective chops. Their chosen medium somewhat famous for its history of generating value largely apart from strict accounting the old fashioned way.

Voice-over narrative perhaps morphing into a female vocalist … Guitar and rhythm of a spellbinding song that served as a monument to a short life well-lived. Light and dark from the same basic document. The view from a community into opportunity. No more largess into uncertainty.

Standing in front of symbol of sacrifice, addressing a spell bound constituency. Less compelling now that what was happening outside no longer seemed to confirm that which was claimed inside. Invisible sponsors finding it ever more difficult to manufacture perception. Time to find a new gig fellows.

Listen ever closer to the new source of wisdom relayed on the latest vehicle. Fitting that it started near the beach. Shipping patterns of electrons so much cheaper than shipping things with larger mass. We live in a physical world, make it local, it is the organic way. But too, we are immersed in a world of interactive ideas. Importing and exporting wisdom won't hurt us so much as that other stuff.

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